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Former Google AI chief will lead Apple’s new machine learning team

He will head a new group combining Siri and Core ML development into one team.

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Bloomberg via Getty Images

Back in April, Google's former AI and search chief John Giannandrea left the company to join Apple for an undisclosed role. Today, the latter company announced he will head a new team combining the Core ML and Siri groups.

It's not a leap for Giannandrea, who led Google's Machine Intelligence, Research and Search teams over an eight-year tenure at the company. The new Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning team he will supervise won't change the structure of the Siri and Core ML teams, per TechCrunch. But having Giannandrea at the helm of both will unify the direction of the company's machine learning and AI endeavors, especially after the company continued its hiring frenzy this spring to expand the Siri team.

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