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The latest Xbox One gamepad innovation: trigger grips

They're exclusive (for now) to the new 'PUBG' controller.

As sure as the sun sets, Microsoft spent some time at Gamescom talking about a new variant of its killer Xbox One gamepad. This time, it's one themed around PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds. But rather than just being a superficial upgrade as is the norm, this one features a functional embellishment too: a grippy texture on the tops of the triggers. Cool. There's also a subtle digital camo pattern replete with scuffs and scrapes from battle. The metallic D-pad shows a similar kind of wear, and there's a blue-zone-esque circle around the left thumbstick. It ships in October and pre-orders are open right now.

The Xbox Design Lab is getting a few new options as well: a quintet of shadow and camouflage options. If you want a brown camo controller, well, that's doable. On the stream, we saw a metallic blue gradient. The designs are live right now and if you want a special silver-hued controller, that's limited to orders placed before September 30th.

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