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HP’s ear-cooling Mindframe headset will be available in October

Just in time for the end of summer.

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HP's Mindframe headset is a rad concept: Use a thermoelectric device in each cup to keep your ears cool during heated gaming sessions. Ahead of this weekend's Gamescom conference, the company revealed that you'll be able to pick up a pair in October for a starting price of $200.

The headphones have gotten a few extras since they were announced in May, including noise cancellation and more breathable fabric cups. HP also had more to mention about its upcoming Omen-line Obelisk desktop, which will be one of the first to support NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 20 line of GPUs, including the just-announced RTX 2080 Ti. The PC will be available in September with a starting price of $850. If you're at Gamescom this week, however, you can get an early look at both before anyone else.

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