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Amazon opens its second checkout-free Go store in Seattle

The smaller location is geared toward office workers.

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The first Amazon Go store opened in January, allowing customers to buy items without having to go through a checkout process, and now Amazon has officially opened its second location. Located in downtown Seattle, the new location is a little smaller than the first -- 1,450 square feet versus 1,800 square feet -- and is only open weekdays between 7AM and 7PM as it's geared more towards office workers. The new store opened today.

With the smaller size comes a smaller selection of items. It won't carry wine and beer like the flagship store, nor will it carry grocery items like milk or bread. Instead the new location will focus more on read-to-eat meals for breakfast and lunch, snacks and Amazon Meal Kits. There won't be an in-store kitchen, however, and food will be supplied by another Seattle-based Amazon kitchen, according to the Seattle Times.

Earlier this year, Amazon confirmed plans to open Go stores in both Chicago and San Francisco, though there's no word yet on when they might launch.

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