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OnePlus and Google's 'Crackables' game will dish out $30,000 prize

It's made up of a series of 'crypto-challenges' with digital goodies for runner-ups.

In a series of firsts, OnePlus has announced that it's ditching the headphone jack on its next flagship, releasing a TV, and now it's gearing up to unleash its first game: Crackables (made with the help of Google, no less).

It's a strange concept: instead of an app, OnePlus has opted for a mobile web game that finds players solving a series of "crypto-challenges" for the chance to win both physical and digital prizes, including a $30,000 gaming setup for the champ. The first 1,000 people to make it through the first three challenges will qualify for the next round, when they'll receive a physical "microcontroller" to continue playing. If you're interested, you can take part on the dedicated Crackables website at 8am Eastern tomorrow.

The game was developed by Sleep Deprivation Labs, home of Red Dead Redemption lead designer Christian Cantamessa, while Google's Zoo unit (which helps brands leverage its tech in their promotional campaigns) also chipped in creatively.

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