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Tesla raises the price of its most affordable Model 3

It'll take $1,000 more to own the EV.

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Roberto Baldwin/Engadget

That slightly more affordable Model 3 is no longer quite as much of a deal as it was just days ago. Tesla has raised the price of the EV with rear-wheel drive and the Mid Range battery by $1,000, bringing the sticker to $46,000. The company didn't explain the move in a statement to Electrek, but it did say it "will honor" the original pricing for anyone whose order is in progress. This might not be a deal breaker in the price category, but it may come as an unwelcome surprise.

There is an upshot to this, however: it might cost you less if you're inclined to splurge. Tesla has lowered the price of the AWD Long Range configuration by a similar amount to $53,000. Whether or not component costs play a factor in the price changes, Tesla appears to be aiming for an upsell -- it's now that much more tempting to spend extra for a more powerful Model 3.

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