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Sinemia offers discounted weekday-only movie subscriptions

You can spend as little as $4 per month if you're not a weekend viewer.

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EJJe17 via Getty Images

Sinemia might have a way to get you to the movie theater on quieter days of the week. The service has launched weekday subscription plans that cut the prices if you're content with skipping movies on weekends. The exact discounts vary depending on how often you visit, but individual plans start at $4 per month for a single visit (versus the usual $5) and top out at $24 per month (versus $30) for a ticket every eligible day. There are family plans as well, although their pricing wasn't available as of this writing.

As before, you'll need to spring for a pricier plan (in this case, $10 per month for two tickets) if you want to watch movies in 3D, 4D or IMAX. All the new rates are available in the US, UK, Australia and Canada.

The appeal to everyday users is fairly clear: if you're the sort who's more likely to visit the theater on cheap Tuesday than insist on seeing blockbusters their opening weekend, you'll save a few dollars every month. Sinemia, however, also pitches this as helpful to the theaters. Many movie houses still have trouble getting people into seats Monday through Thursday. This could boost attendance by drawing people who might otherwise stay home. To put it another way, Sinemia is still pitching itself as the antithesis of Moviepass -- it sees itself as an ally to theater chains rather than their mortal enemy.

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