Sinemia will help movie theaters create their own subscription plans

Sinemia Enterprise will handle the plan management for a fee.

While MoviePass' money woes have led it to change its service and its users' plans a number of times, Sinemia seems to have avoided the issues that have plagued its rival. The company offers a number of plans, including an unlimited version as well as family plans, but it'll soon add another service, this one for theaters themselves rather than moviegoers.

Sinemia Enterprise will help small to midsize theater chains create their own subscription plans, and Sinemia will take care of most of the leg work. It will handle plan management, payment processing, customer relations, fraud detection and app management, taking a fee based on the plan's monthly subscription volume. The company says it's working with a number of chains ahead of the Enterprise launch later this month, TechCrunch reports.

While it may seem like this move could cannibalize Sinemia's own subscription rates, chains have already begun launching their own subscriptions. AMC and Alamo Drafthouse have started their own versions, and if other chains decide to go in that direction, Sinemia Enterprise could ensure Sinemia still gets a cut.

"When we launched Sinemia, our mission was to help as many moviegoers as possible enjoy an affordable and better experience at the movies by providing a subscription app that integrates an offline and online experience," CEO Rifat Oguz said in a press release. "By partnering with theaters around the globe, we believe we can help more moviegoers, which will help us create a bigger economy for the entire industry."