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Image credit: AP Photo/Terrin Waack

BBC will broadcast every Formula E race this season

It's a big coup for both sides that could increase exposure.

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AP Photo/Terrin Waack

The BBC may have lost Formula 1 coverage years ago due to budget limits, but it's making up for that in style. The broadcaster has reached a deal to air every race of Formula E's 2018-2019 season in the UK, starting with the December 15th race in Saudi Arabia. In other words, it'll be very easy to follow the electric racing league if you live in the country. This is also important for exposure -- availability on a free-to-air TV network could introduce Formula E to people who otherwise wouldn't know it exists.

It's a good as time as any for the BBC to jump in. Where the initial Formula E revolved around virtually identical cars that had to swap out mid-race, successive seasons have grown far more varied. The differences will be more pronounced than ever for the 2018-2019 season, too. You'll see more powerful, more distinctive cars that don't require swapping, while automakers like Nissan are joining the fray for the first time. Simply put, it promises to be engaging even if you no longer see EV racing as a novelty.

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