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Best Buy offers a steep discount on Verizon's Pixel 3 phones

Get $400 off of Google's most expensive smartphones yet.
Cherlynn Low/Engadget

Despite some teething problems, Google's Pixel 3 smartphones combine incredible power and features with a pure Android experience. If you've been thinking of jumping in but are dissuaded by the $900 Pixel 3 XL price, now's the time. Best Buy is offering the Verizon version of both devices at a steep $400 discount, so you might never find them cheaper.

As The Verge discovered, Verizon is offering a similar $400 discount, but it's spread over 24 months and chains you to a contract. By contrast, the Best Buy deal gives you the $400 dollar savings immediately, with the balance of the phone's price going on your Verizon account. That means you could pay it off over time or immediately, then switch to another carrier if you choose, presumably while making a symbolic "dusting off hands" gesture (Verizon is Engadget's parent company).

You'll still need to pay the $30 activation fee, however. If you just want an unlocked Pixel 3/3 XL phone free and clear, Google is offering the Pixel 3 for $150 off and the Pixel 3XL at a $200 discount. All of those deals prove that it never pays to be an early adopter -- especially for phones released in the fall.

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