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DJI makes its Ronin S gimbal more useful with 9 new accessories

They include a car mount, external GPS and manual lens focus motor.

We called DJI's DSLR and mirrorless Ronin S gimbal "essential YouTube equipment," and it just got even more so with nine new accessories. The most interesting for filmmakers is the $169 Focus Motor for manual focus lenses. It consists of a motor, rod mount set and focus gear strip that can handle a wide variety of lens diameters. Once attached and connected to the Ronin-S, you can can use the existing the $59 Focus Wheel to adjust manual focus with .02 degrees of accuracy.

If you'd rather not use your smartphone to control the Ronin S, DJI has introduced the $129 Command Unit that attaches to the side. It has a small screen that lets you quickly change settings like motor controls and operations. There's also a new $69 External GPS Module that improves stability when you do quick moves that rapidly accelerate the gimbal. It also helps keep the horizon line horizontal.

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If you want to go beyond handheld shooting for more complex shots, the $169 Universal Mount lets you use the Ronin S with camera control systems, cables and jibs, or mount it to a car. It can also power the gimbal using a separate dual battery mount. You can also increase battery life using the new $99 BG37 Grip that packs a 12 hour rated 2400 mAh battery.

Other accessories, like the $49 Top HotShoe bracket and extended lens support give you new ways to mount various cameras and lenses. While many of the accessories are specialized, they're an indication of the gimbal's success and a sign of DJI's commitment to DSLR filmmakers. They're all available to buy now at DJI's store or from authorized dealers.

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