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Apple Music will finally support Android tablets

For the handful of people who use both.

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Jon Fingas/Engadget

There probably isn't a huge cross section of people who both subscribe to Apple Music and use Android tablets, but Apple has your back if you're part of that group. Listeners have learned that the latest beta of Apple Music for Android now includes tablet support, giving you an optimized and more intuitive interface for choosing tunes. Part of it stems from changes to the interface for all Android users -- Apple is ditching the classic "hamburger" menu in favor of a bottom navigation bar that both speeds up access to common features (like For You) and should be easier to reach on larger screens.

You'll have to be part of the Google Groups beta test program if you want to give tablet support a try, and there's no hint as to when it'll be widely available. It's more a question of when than if, though. Apple is leaning more and more on services like this for its bottom line. That means making Apple Music available everywhere people expect to use it, whether it's an iPhone or that Android tablet you keep in the living room.

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