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'The Stanley Parable' is coming to consoles in 2019

'Ultra Deluxe' extends the surreal story with new platforms and endings.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
12.06.18 in AV
Galactic Cafe

The Stanley Parable was a memorable experience (even if you didn't play it for years), but what if you wanted to play it on a console, or just an additional fix? You're in for a treat. Galactic Cafe and Crows Crows Crows have unveiled an expanded edition, The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe, that brings the strange, branching story to consoles for the first time. There's more to do even if you're playing it on PCs, to boot -- you can expect new choices and new endings that might warrant revisiting the experience.

The developers haven't named the new platforms, but you can expect Ultra Deluxe to arrive in 2019. The team isn't shy about admitting that it's milking a cash cow-- Stanley Parable is barely five years old. You might not mind if it's your first time, though, and there are many players who haven't been exposed to the game simply because of their hardware preferences.

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