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Recommended Reading: How technology is changing entertainment

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Billy Steele
12.15.18 in Internet

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The future of entertainment
Rolling Stone

Whether it's music, movies or television, technology is rapidly changing the ways we experience entertainment. Rolling Stone offers a look at a number of ways things like AI, social media and more are altering the landscape, including how Taylor Swift concert organizers used facial recognition to track her stalkers.

Dr. Elon & Mr. Musk: Life inside Tesla's production hell
Charles Duhigg,

Wired has an in-depth report about working conditions at Tesla facilities during the sprint to meet Model 3 production goals.

An augmented reality
Sarah Gailey,
The Atlantic

This short story on a wearable computing future isn't the first to raise questions about the technology we're racing towards, but it's still a compelling read.

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