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Nathan Ingraham
N. Ingraham|01.06.19

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It's early January, so you won't be surprised to learn that team Engadget has arrived in Las Vegas for CES 2019. While the show doesn't technically start until Tuesday morning, a flood of new product news will be arriving in the coming hours -- and we'll spend most of Monday attending the CES press conferences from the industry's biggest players. As usual, you can expect to see a bevy of bigger, better screens, more smart home tech, more Alexa and Google Assistant and quite a bit about the future of auto. But we're also hoping to see the oddball, offbeat but potentially ground-breaking tech that makes CES more than just a TV show. Sure, the big companies don't always surprise us like they used to, but we're betting there's still going to be plenty we didn't expect -- and it all starts with these events. Join us, won't you?

Monday 1/7

LG: 11am ET / 8am PT

Samsung: 5pm ET / 2pm PT

Intel: 7pm ET / 4pm PT

Sony: 8pm ET / 5pm PT

Tuesday 1/8

Mercedes-Benz: 2pm ET / 11am ET

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