Watch LG’s CES press conference in 8 minutes

The company's rollable TV stole the show.

Considering LG began its CES hype campaign in early December, the company's obscenely early press conference today -- the first of the show -- was unexpectedly short and sweet. LG is committed to releasing a 5G smartphone this year, and promises its ThinQ AI home appliances will get progressively smarter, suggesting how to better manage your home rather than just blindly obeying your conversational commands. LG also gave an appropriate amount of airtime to HomeBrew, its new capsule-based craft beer system for nurturing easy, homemade batches.

LG's 2019 TVs headlined the company's press conference, though. In addition to a brief shoutout for this year's range of OLED and LCD sets (the latter adopting the new name of NanoCell TVs), LG wheeled out an 88-inch OLED 8K TV, which will upscale lower-resolution video and automatically change its own video and audio settings based on ambient light and the acoustics of its environment. The fact LG's new TVs support both AirPlay 2 and HomeKit was a relatively big deal, but the pièce de résistance was the new rollable OLED R TV that curls back up into its base when not in use. More than a spectacle, this unique Signature Series set will actually go on sale this year, for what we anticipate to be a lot of money.