Valeo's vehicle camera makes whatever you're towing disappear

Park, change lanes, and reverse your rig more easily.

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If you've already had enough of all the laptops, TVs and Amazon-enabled devices at CES 2019, autonomous vehicle supply company Valeo has unveiled the XtraVue Trailer. It takes images from cameras behind both your vehicle and trailer, and joins them in a virtual view. That appears on a small display in front of the driver, making it look like your fifth wheel has disappeared, David Copperfield-style.

Valeo introduced XtraVue at CES last year in different version that lets you see through vehicles ahead of you to spot any danger in front, much as Tesla's Autopilot does to prevent accidents. That version, however, relied on cameras installed in other vehicles and public LTE mobile networks.

XtraVue Trailer works on the same principal but is a lot more practical, relying only on your vehicle's onboard cameras. It's designed to help drivers "change lanes, reverse and park, all with full control over their environment," the company said. It looks impressive from the image above, but it remains to be seen whether it'll ever keep your Airstream on the straight and narrow.

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