Valeo Park4U turns your phone into a valet parking service (video)

Assisted parking's all the rage these days -- because the car parks itself, it seems trivial to remain in the car at all. That, friends, is the crux of why Valeo has produced Park4U: an iOS / Android app that remotely parks your car. Enter the app and begin the reversing process, and boom -- much like Houdini's best -- it takes care of the rest. The system's currently available on a limited number of Volkswagen-group models including the Touran, Sharan, Audi A6, Audi A7 and the Seat Alhambra, and the company is planning to have 38 models equipped with the tech by year's end. Practical considerations aside -- and there are several -- at least you won't need a friend to stand behind your car and holler before you hit the rear wall. Not buying it? Perhaps the video after the break will drive it home.

[Thanks, Texas]