Sonance's new architectural speakers are made for the Sonos Amp

Stream music across multiple rooms through hidden speakers.

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Sonance and Sonos are two companies pretty well-versed in the speaker biz. Sonance has been designing visually unobtrusive architectural speakers since 1983, while Sonos paved the way for multi-room wireless home audio back in 2003. Now, the pair have teamed up to deliver premium speakers that draw on each of their specialties: the first architectural speakers that can be used with Sonos Amp. In other words, speakers that are hidden in walls, ceilings and outdoors, which can stream music and other audio from over 100 services (Spotify, Apple Music and so on), throughout multiple rooms.

Under the name "Sonos Architectural by Sonance," the new in-ceiling and in-wall speakers ($600 per pair) -- available for pre-order now and general purchase on February 26th -- also come with Trueplay, which accounts for the size, construction, and furnishings of the room where the speakers are placed, and automatically adjusts the EQ for optimal sound. The outdoor speaker ($800 per pair), will be available in April. It's the first Sonos speaker designed to be used outside, and has been built to withstand a host of environmental conditions. Up to three pairs of Sonos Architectural by Sonance speakers can be powered by a single Sonos Amp -- the all-new version of which (previously only on sale in the US) will now also be available in Australia, Canada, Mexico and Europe from today.

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