Bumble Spotlight makes you the center of attention for 30 minutes

The feature lets you cut to the front of the line and be seen by more people.

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S3studio via Getty Images
S3studio via Getty Images

If you're still looking for a date before Valentine's Day, Bumble may be able to help. The company announced a new feature called Spotlight that puts you front and center whenever people in your area open up the app. Once activated, you'll get 30 minutes of line cutting and will be seen by far more Bumble users than you would during a normal swiping session.

To activate the Spotlight, users will have to pony up two Bumble Coins, the company's in-app currency that has to be bought with real money. Bumble Coins can be bought in bundles as small as five Coins for $8 or up to 30 coins for $35. Once you pay the fee to activate Spotlight, you'll get half an hour's worth of extra attention from prospective matches -- though there's no guarantee you'll get more likes, just more opportunities. Other users won't know you're using Spotlight, so you won't have to feel self-conscious about it.

Spotlight has been in the testing phase for a while now, with some users on Reddit seeing it pop up in the app nearly one month ago. Now the feature is widely available to users, offering an answer to Tinder's Boost feature that also promises 30 minutes of getting noticed.

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