Microsoft posts HoloLens 2 teaser ahead of February 24th launch

You might already have an idea of what to expect.

You've had to wait a long, long time for news about HoloLens 2, but it's finally right around the bend. Device creator Alex Kipman has posted a teaser for the mixed reality headset that confirms its premiere just before Mobile World Congress on February 24th. The clip itself is cryptic, with vague allusions to processors and possibly carbon fiber (which could help reduce the weight). Not that you'd need to read the tea leaves to have an idea of what to expect -- there have already been a few clues.

While we heard last summer that the HoloLens 2 would use Qualcomm's XR1 platform, more recent reports suggest Microsoft will use Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 ARM processor. Either should deliver high-performance mixed reality and, quite possibly, a more affordable and power-efficient design than the original. It's also expected to have a wider field of view and sport a lighter body, both of which are important for something you could wear for hours at a time. All told, this might be the headset that helps HoloLens evolve from a niche, industry-focused device into something the general public would be willing to use.

Update, 2/11/19, 11:40AM ET: This post has been updated to include details about the HoloLens 2 possibly using Qualcomm's 850 ARM processor.