The Morning After: The Galaxy S10 cometh

Ten years of the Galaxy S.

Hey, good morning!

Samsung's big phone event is finally here. From the latest in its S-series to something a bit more foldable, we're ready and waiting for all the news to start rolling in at 2PM ET. Before we get to that, though, there's the business of CERN's 90s-throwback web browser and an FDA warning about young blood.

2PM ET / 11AM PT.
Happy Galaxy S10 reveal day!

It's hard to believe, sometimes, that Samsung's Galaxy S smartphones have been around for nearly a decade -- no wonder the company's trying something a little different for the launch of its new Galaxy S10s. Samsung is taking over the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco to celebrate ten generations of flagship phones. Be sure to bookmark our liveblog right here and visit again before Samsung Unpacked kicks off at 2PM ET / 11AM PT on Wednesday, February 20th.

Why wait?
Latest Samsung leaks show new watch and earbuds from every angle

Who needs leakers when Samsung is outing its Unpacked lineup itself? Ahead of its flagship event tomorrow, the Korean tech giant has let slip a look at its AirPods-style wireless Galaxy Buds and Galaxy S10 in a Norwegian TV commercial. It offered a close-up of the incoming smartphone that seemingly confirms some of its headline features, including its hole punch display, ultrasonic fingerprint reader, rear triple-camera setup and reverse wireless charging.

And yes the special edition has a 'transparent' back.
Xiaomi Mi 9 hands-on: Speedy, stylish and a great camera, too

Sure, the top-level stuff seems solid enough: there's a Snapdragon 855 with either 6GB or 12GB of RAM inside, plus a bright and beautiful 6.39-inch AMOLED display running at 2340x1080, all wrapped up in a lovely, curved glass body. But what's it like to actually use? Chris Velazco is ready to fill you in on China's latest flagship phone.

Powered by three hydrogen fuel-cell stacks and a 40kWh battery pack.
Hyundai's Nexo makes a case for fuel-cell SUVs

The Nexo happens to be comfortable, easy on the eye, a bit luxurious and, more importantly, ready to tackle most anything an SUV owner would throw at it. All of that and it only spits out H2O at the end of a drive.

Take a guess.
Google teases a big gaming announcement for March 19th

The company plans to unveil a mysterious gaming project -- we're guessing it has to do with the Project Stream cloud gaming service -- at a Game Developers Conference presentation on March 19th at 1PM ET, with the invitation showing just a light at the end of a hallway followed by the cryptic tagline "gather around."

Wait, people are really doing that?
FDA: Infusing yourself with young blood is pointless, dangerous

Yes, enough people thought it'd be a good idea to infuse young blood -- an actual plot from The Simpsons and Silicon Valley -- that the government had to intervene.

Coming to Kickstarter first for $199.
RVR is a Sphero robot for budding tinkerers

RVR -- that's pronounced "rover" -- is a big change for Sphero. First off, it's not even a sphere. It's more of a rounded brick with a set of tank treads on each side. But most notable is also what you can put on top of the robot: a special plastic cover with slots for all kinds of circuits and rotors and any other parts you can think of. Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards can be attached, as well as all kinds of servos, external sensors or speakers if you desire.

They even copied the loot cave.
Bioware fixes 'Anthem' end-game just in time for launch

Just days after its Origin Access and EA Access release, players spotted a loophole in BioWare's new shooter akin to the loot cave area from Destiny's early days. The chest farming trick essentially let level-30 gamers grab high-level Legendary and Masterwork gear in Anthem's open-world areas, effectively allowing them to bypass its end-game grind.

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