HTC shows off Vive Cosmos VR controllers in a new video

The company says they're more ergonomic than other VR controllers.

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Mariella Moon
February 21st, 2019
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HTC is slowly but surely sharing more information about the Vive Cosmos after the company showed the system off at CES earlier this year. The official HTC Vive Twitter account has posted a short video giving us a glimpse of how the Cosmos controllers work and what they can offer. In the 23-second video, HTC explains that the controllers' lights track your every move and even every flick of your wrist. The company also says that its joystick and button placements are more ergonomic and better for your fingers and thumbs, presumably compared to other virtual reality controllers.

While the Vive Cosmos and the Oculus Touch controllers both have a loop design, their buttons and joysticks are placed on opposite sides. You're supposed to hold the Touch with your thumbs resting at the top of the loop where the buttons are, whereas the Cosmos' controls are inside the loop instead. In addition, the video says the devices will be instantly compatible with your existing VR experiences.

HTC still hasn't revealed when it plans to release the Vive Cosmos system or how much the bundle, including the headset itself, will cost. The company did clarify at CES, though, that it's not a standalone system like the Vive Focus and will need a processing source to work. That said, HTC executives at the event suggested that it might be able to run on a PC or a smartphone, so it could be more more portable than PC-only platforms.

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