Tinder adds a ‘Spring Break’ mode for college spring flings

It will show where people are traveling so college students can match with fellow spring breakers.

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Looking for a fling over your spring break? Tinder has college students covered. The dating app is introducing a new feature called Spring Break mode that will allow prospective matches to display where they will be traveling over break. The mode will have more than 20 popular destinations to choose from and will be available to college kids students using Tinder U. Spring Break badges can be displayed from March 4th through March 31st.

Tinder users will be able to set up their Spring Break badge when they see the Spring Break card appear in their pile of matches. Once it appears, daters will have the ability to select a vacation destination where they'll be the mid-semester recess. Other daters will see that location displayed as a badge on the user's profile. Tinder will show users potential matches who will be making the trip to the same spring break hot spot to increase the chances of finding a partner for the trip. For people opting to stay home, don't worry: there's a "Staycation" badge for you.

Tinder's decision to launch a Spring Break mode arrives backed by some pretty strong figures. According to the dating app, swipes increased by as much as 100-fold in popular spring break destinations in 2018. Tinder also tapped users enrolled in Tinder U, the service's mode specifically for connecting with other college kids, to determine what locations require badges.

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