Tinder's new matchmaking service is just for college students

It's called Tinder U.

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Swapna Krishna
August 21st, 2018
Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Today, Tinder introduced a new matchmaking service aimed at students attending a four-year college or university. Called Tinder U, it is primarily a dating service, but can also be used to find new friends, a study partner and more. You must have a .edu email address from an accredited university and be located on campus when you sign up for Tinder. Once you restart the Tinder app, you'll be logged into Tinder U automatically according to TechCrunch. The swipe mechanics are the same as the regular app.

According to a press release, over half of the dating service's users are between the ages of 18 and 24. It makes sense, then, that Tinder would want to focus on the college campus. The service works by prioritizing the profiles of your fellow students first; you can also be matched with students at other schools.

If you're interested in using Tinder U, it is rolling out now on iOS devices. It's limited to students at four-year, accredited, not-for-profit schools that have an in-person, rather than online, classroom setting.

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