CNN’s Magic Leap app lets you interact with the news, if you dare

Now you can project the tragedies of 2019 on your wall.

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Christine Fisher
February 28, 2019 5:48 PM

It's 2019, so the idea of bringing the news, which is usually not good, into your living room sounds a bit ominous. That's not stopping CNN. The 24-hour-news network now has a mixed-reality app for the Magic Leap One that allows viewers to watch and interact with programs via augmented reality.

The app allows you to create "[virtual] screens of any size, anywhere" to view Live CNN, CNN International, Headline News, on-demand shows and digital exclusives. Want to watch breaking news on your cabinets? Project Congressional hearings on your ceiling? Go for it! You'll also be able to "interact" with exclusive reporting, sidebar data and live feeds, though they didn't give much in the way of details on how that will work.

While this is CNN's first augmented reality app, the network debuted a VR app for Oculus Rift this time last year. Competitors are working with the technology, too. NBC has partnered with Google on VR "experiences" and dabbled in Olympic coverage, and Fox Sports VR lets you turn your living room into a stadium suite, sort of. Neither CNN nor Magic Leap provided much detail on how this new app works, but it's available now if you want to go find out for yourself.

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