Google Clock can now wake you up with YouTube Music and Pandora

But Google Play Music is still strangely absent.

Last year Google made the business of getting out of bed in the morning an altogether more pleasant affair when it introduced Spotify integration to the Google Clock app. The feature let Android users set a song or playlist as an alarm, rather than the usual odious beeping, and it was so well received that users were quick to ask when there would be similar support for other music services. That's finally arrived, and Google Clock 6.1 will now also let you pick music from Pandora and YouTube Music.

As with the Spotify integration, you can choose playlists, albums or standalone songs -- just make sure you've got the Pandora or YouTube Music app already installed. Curiously, though, there's still no sign of support for Google Play Music, despite legions of loyal subscribers calling for it when the Spotify function launched. Perhaps this is a sign that Google doesn't care all that much about its own music services -- it's certainly disheartening that the company would put money and competitors ahead of its own operating system.