Netflix shows off its 'Ultraman' CG anime series in new trailer

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Mariella Moon
March 5th, 2019

Netflix has released a trailer for its Ultraman CG anime series before the kaiju killer blasts his way to the streaming series on April 1st. The sneak peek shows high school student Shinjiro Hayata as he assumes the mantle from the original Ultraman, his father Shin. It looks like the new show is set a few years after the events in the Japanese live-action series from the 1960's. In the new anime, Shinjiro has to take over his father's role and fuse with the "giant of light" to transform into Ultraman when a new set of invading aliens arrives after a period of peace.

The series also features other Ultraman types, who'll presumably struggle to accept Shinjiro as the Ultraman before helping him vanquish the new villains. Netflix didn't say how many episodes you can expect, only that Season 1 will be available to stream worldwide starting on April 1st.

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