Double Fine's radioactive adventure 'Rad' arrives this summer

It's time to mutate your way through the wasteland.

Tim Schafer and Lee Petty of Double Fine Productions made a short appearance on Nintendo's Nindies Showcase today to help introduce a new rock-flavored action game. And no, it's not Brutal Legend 2. Instead, it's a new property titled Rad, which follows a young man as he swings a baseball bat through an irradiated wasteland.

This '80s-flavored top-down title has you wandering around and beating up monsters, but the real fun begins when you land on a radioactive spot. Those appear to mutate your character, granting you powers ranging from an extending snake head to bat wings that let you fly to uh, laying eggs that hatch into spider babies that follow you around.

The game is developed by Double Fine, but Bandai Namco is handling publishing duties. Rad hits Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 this summer.