RED finally ships the $1,600 titanium Hydrogen One

That's a tall order for a premium finish and specs straight out of 2017.

At long last, RED is shipping the titanium version of its Hydrogen One phone. It promised the variant when it announced the handset in 2017, and took pre-orders for that version at the full $1,595 cost. When RED delayed the titanium model last September, it sent those who pre-ordered it the aluminum version, and now those folks are receiving a titanium handset as well at no extra cost.

The titanium model doubles the storage capacity of its less-expensive siblings to 256GB and the finish could prove a conversation starter. But there's no getting away from the fact it's a limited-edition $1,600 Android phone with specs straight out of 2017 (including a Snapdragon 835 processor), while there's a lack of clarity on what the future holds for its much-touted module system. That said, it does have a headphone jack, which is becoming endangered in smartphones, and at least RED fulfilled its pledge to make the model a reality.