Nintendo's lower-cost Switch might arrive in late June

You might not see more than a tweak of the regular model.

That rumored lower-cost Switch might show up sooner than you think. Bloomberg sources maintain that Nintendo's more affordable console will "likely" arrive by the end of June, or not long after the big E3 expo in the middle of the month. Don't expect a supercharged version for enthusiasts, though. The current model would get a "modest upgrade" in 2019, according to the purported insiders, but a brawnier model apparently isn't in the cards.

The company hasn't said anything about the rumored new Switch, and might only indirectly confirm it by factoring it into its financial expectations for quarterly sales. Historically, Nintendo has saved much of its bigger news around this time of year for Direct presentations at E3.

If this is accurate, it might dampen the hopes of fans who want a high-end version with lavish graphics and other new features. A focus on budget gamers might make more sense, mind you. The Switch is barely two years old -- many owners aren't about to replace their existing systems. There are plenty of people who don't have Switches, though, and a more affordable model might bring them into the fold. We'd add that Nintendo has shifted its attention away from the 2DS and 3DS. They're still around, but the gaming giant may want a Switch variant that could eventually replace those older handhelds in terms of price, if not necessarily in spirit.