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Moment's big Pro Camera update brings its Android app up to speed

Make sure your snaps are picture perfect.

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Moment has announced its biggest ever update for Pro Camera, which adds a bunch of cool new features to the app, and brings the Android version up to parity. And to celebrate, if you download the app for the first time you'll get 15 percent off in the Moment Shop, which carries more than 20 photography and travel brands.

First up, on the Android side of things, there's the addition of split focus and exposure, RGB histogram and the ability to capture both a RAW and JPG image in RAW mode, which means you'll be able to preview a RAW image a whole lot faster. The Android version has also got a few general performance improvements, camera roll redesign and improved OnePlus and Samsung S10 device support. The company even made an impressively aesthetic video showing off what can be done through the app with the S10.

New features for both iOS and Android include zebra stripes and focus peaking. With zebra stripes you'll be able to see at a glance, through the viewfinder, over and underexposed areas of a shot. With focus peaking, you can dial in focus in both photo and video mode, and when you're manually focusing you'll see the sharpest edges highlighted in the viewfinder, so you can be sure your image is crisp in all the right places. Get it on iOS for $5.99 and Android for $3.99.

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