'Apex Legends' is coming to mobile devices

EA may need this to take on 'Fortnite.'

How will Respawn and EA keep Apex Legends' momentum going? Do what Epic did, apparently -- bring the game to phones and tablets. As part of a call discussing its latest quarterly earnings, EA said it would release versions of the Titanfall-based battle royale title for mobile devices. There weren't specifics about platforms or release dates, but it's safe to say Android and iOS have made the short list.

The game will also come to China, echoing another Epic strategy.

EA might need the expansion. It revealed that its year-over-year profits dipped sharply in the first quarter of 2019 despite Apex's debut. That's not completely surprising. While EA's other big game of the season (Anthem) did sell well early on, it didn't really meet the company's expectations. Apex may have to pick up some of the financial slack, at least until other big games arrive.