Triumph is developing its first electric motorcycle

It's partnered with Williams Engineering to develop an electric powertrain.

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Fotoholica Press via Getty Images
Fotoholica Press via Getty Images

British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph has announced a new program that'll help speed up its development of electric motorbikes. The project, working title TE-1, aims to develop an electric motorcycle powertrain in just two years, and it's got some pretty heavyweight partners involved to help it achieve this goal.

First up is Williams Advanced Engineering (of the Formula One variety), which will be tasked with developing batteries. Then there's Integral Powertrain, which will focus on the electric motor, and the University of Warwick, which will head up advanced research into the field. Triumph will, of course, oversee design and development.

It's no secret that Triumph is a big fan of the internal combustion engine -- earlier this month it launched the Rocket 3 TFC with a whopping 2.5 liter three-cylinder engine -- but the fact that it's spearheading the TE-1 project shows that its serious about moving into the electric market, which is growing slowly, but still lacks a decent choice in electric motorcycles.

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