Xbox and PlayStation gamepad support extends across iOS 13

Then it should be easy to hop on the sticks when Apple Arcade launches.

During Apple's WWDC 2019 keynote the company showed off so many things even our cut-down version of the event lasts nearly half an hour. One of the reveals was that tvOS 13 will be compatible with PlayStation 4 and Bluetooth-equipped Xbox One controllers -- convenient for both Apple's own Arcade gaming plans and any others with cloud aspirations -- but in case it's unclear, it also extends to iPad and iPhone.

Once iOS 13 rolls out, you'll be able to use these console controllers easily with your device, no workarounds needed. With Apple reportedly spending "hundreds of millions" to get games to be a part of its subscription package, it's good to know that controllers we already generally like and probably have laying around will be able to keep doing their job.