Tesla will soon downgrade software on the entry-level Model 3

Early Standard Model 3s shipped with unlocked software that gave buyers extra features for free.

The earliest customers who pulled the trigger on Tesla's entry-level Model 3 may want to enjoy their car's features to the fullest over the coming days. Those early vehicles shipped with unlocked software that effectively gave owners access to the more expensive Standard Range Plus car. Eventually, the company started shipping Model 3s with the features locked down from the get go. Now, the automaker has started warning customers via email that it's going to limit their vehicle's software and remove their access to the Plus features they've been enjoying in the next 10 days.

Tesla's email reads:

"Your Model 3 will soon receive new software that matches the Model 3 Standard Range configuration you ordered. As we communicated in April, this includes a limited range of 220 miles, and the removal of several software features. To continue experiencing the extended range, faster acceleration and Autopilot features of Model Standard Range Plus, schedule a service appointment through your Tesla app."

When the software patch rolls out, the affected Model 3s' range will become 10 percent shorter. Customers might also lose access to Tesla's onboard music streaming service and heated seats, among other upgrades, though they'll have to wait until the software lock comes out to know which ones they're losing for sure. They can always pay to unlock those upgrades again, since both variants come with the same components anyway. Whether customers got hooked on those extra features enough to pay for them, however, remains to be seen.