Razer’s 'mental performance' drink probably won't quench its thirst

No, the cup doesn't have RGB lighting.

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Razer wants to tackle another part of the gaming experience -- namely, the drinks you need to keep your momentum going. It's introducing Respawn (no connection to that Respawn), a "mental performance" drink mix that's meant to keep your focus sharp for long periods. No, it's not a direct knock-off of its most conspicuous rival, G Fuel. You'll find a few familiar ingredients like choline and Vitamin B, and it's equally sugar-free, but there's none of the taurine and less caffeine (95mg versus 150mg). The Razer-owned brand doesn't want to risk the crash you get with energy drinks -- this is meant for those hours-long sessions where you don't want to slip.

To no one's surprise, it won't come cheap. You can buy Respawn in 20-pack boxes for $25 in flavors like Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Pomegranate Watermelon and Tropical Pineapple. And if you want to flaunt your fondness for the brand by getting the official shaker cup? That's another $30 -- and no, there's no Chroma lighting to match your PC. Respawn is available now in the US through both Amazon and Razer's website, so you at least won't have to wait to give it a try.

The introduction comes somewhat out of left field, even for a company known to broaden is horizons, but it's not shocking. Although Respawn is technically a stand-alone company, it could serve as a way to push the Razer brand in the gaming community. After all, numerous streamers (like DrDisRespect and Viss) have G Fuel sponsorships. This could put Razer in front of a similar number of eyeballs, even if they don't immediately associate it with Respawn. It'll also give Razer a side business that isn't as easily destabilized by the ups and downs of gaming hardware.

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