Limited Run Games shows the Vita some love as it revives 14 games

The Vita will get 'Papers, Please' and 13 other old school titles.

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Limited Run Games
Limited Run Games

It's not unusual for games developers to use E3 to announce upcoming titles, but it is pretty leftfield for a studio to reveal plans to launch 50 -- FIFTY -- forthcoming releases. But that's exactly what Limited Run Games has done. At its press conference during the expo, the company -- which specializes in producing physical copies of otherwise digital-only independent console games -- announced a slew of new projects and crossovers for the Switch, PS4, Nintendo 3DS and the system that just won't die, the PlayStation Vita.

The classic games, all released in physical editions, will be available at various launch dates between now and next year, although the bulk are set for release this summer. Highlights include more than a dozen old-school Star Wars games, Hover, Deadbolt, Mutant Blobs Attack, Rocketbirds, Super Meat Boy, Metal Slug, Red Faction, Freedom Planet and the big one, Papers, Please.

Interestingly, Limited Run has earmarked no fewer than 14 titles for the Vita, including Papers, Please -- a move that will definitely appeal to old school players keen on keeping the system alive despite its excruciatingly slow demise. Watch Limited Run's full E3 showcase below.

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