Netflix is working on a 'Stranger Things' mobile RPG

The location-based game will hit iOS and Android next year.

Netflix made it clear last month when it announced its E3 panel that its gaming ambitions extend beyond Stranger Things 3: The Game (and the Dark Crystal tie-in that was revealed this week). At the panel, it revealed what's next: more Stranger Things. Netflix is teaming up with Helsinki developer Next Games (The Walking Dead: Our World) for a mobile RPG/puzzle game based on the series.

The free-to-play game is location-based, said Chris Lee, Netflix's director of interactive games, and it has Google Maps integration. You'll battle against the evils of The Upside Down with other players. Lee added that the game adopts an '80s Saturday morning cartoon art style rather than the 16-bit look of the other Stranger Things games. You can expect to find out more details about the RPG ahead of its arrival on iOS and Android next year.

'Stranger Things' mobile game