The Room's Tommy Wiseau stars in new animated sci-fi series

The puns are almost too easy.

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Tommy Wiseau's 2003 film The Room is known as one of the best worst films of all time -- both awful yet strangely alluring. The filmmaker's awkward mannerisms, impossible to place accent and incredible lack of self-awareness is considered strange even by Hollywood standards, and even inspired an Oscar-nominated film, The Disaster Artist. Now Wiseau and former co-star Greg Sestero have released a pilot for SpaceWorld, a new sci-fi cartoon, on the YouTube channel of animation studio Octopie. You can watch the full episode below, which runs just under six minutes:

In SpaceWorld, Wiseau plays TX, a starship captain who more or less is an animated stand-in for himself. In other words, TX is inept, often says things that don't make any real sense and is constantly headed towards disaster. The poor, unfortunate souls tasked with assisting TX are a robot called "Computer Person" and a shark in a spacesuit who serves as the ship's attorney. Sestero plays Dorgol, a monster robot bounty hunter and TX's rival.

Wiseau's quixotic persona seems genetically engineered for the world of sci-fi cartoons, which is perhaps why the pilot of SpaceWorld works. The first episode is funny and absurd, and liberally pokes fun at Wiseau without being mean-spirited. Fans of YouTube's Dallas and Robo, another quirky space cartoon with improbable lead characters, will surely find a lot to like about SpaceWorld. There are no details on whether SpaceWorld will be approved for a full series, but that's likely based on the success of the pilot.

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