Canon is crowdfunding a tiny, rugged clip-on camera

The Ivy Rec could document your hiking adventures.

Canon may be late to the clippable camera party, but it's still convinced it can bring something new to the table. The company is preparing a crowdfunding campaign for the Ivy Rec, a clip-on rugged camera that's designed to capture your hikes and other outdoor adventures. The cute-looking device won't win the image quality wars with a 13-megapixel sensor and 1080p 60FPS recording. However, it's built around a tiny water- and shock-resistant design that should be safer to use than your phone in the woods or at the beach.

Logically, there will be a mobile app to both preview shots and transfer them to your phone for social sharing.

It's not certain how much the Ivy Rec will cost, or when its campaign will start. It'll likely cost considerably less than ehe phone in your pocket, though, and that's part of the point. This is a camera you shouldn't have to worry about. While it's not quite as rugged as a full-fledged action camera, it should help you spend more time enjoying moments and less time worrying about breaking your electronics or framing the perfect picture.