Netflix creates UK production hub at Disney's preferred studios

A Charlize Theron movie will be the first to use it.

Netflix is setting up another big production hub, and this one is steeped in cinematic history. The streaming giant is establishing a 14-stage UK operation at Shepperton Studios in Surrey, a location that has been used to shoot more than a few classic movies. It's been used to film Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars, The Princess Bride, Gladiator and a slew Disney movies that include several Marvel titles, among other blockbusters.

The first project to use Netflix's new facilities will be Charlize Theron's upcoming movie The Old Guard.

There's more than a little symbolism in this for Netflix -- an internet video service will have the same kind of presence you'd associate with a long-established media giant. At the same time, it's practically necessary given Netflix's growth. The company is spending billions on original content, and some of those productions will want to be sure they have resources on par with the biggest conventional outfits. A UK hub could be particularly crucial given both Netflix's fondness for UK-based titles like The Crown.