Zack Snyder is turning Norse myths into anime for Netflix

'The Dark Knight Returns' director Jay Oliva will co-create the project.

Netflix isn't just tapping Zack Snyder for a zombie action movie. The streaming behemoth has announced that Snyder and DC animated movie director Jay Oliva are creating an anime series based on Norse mythology. There's no mention of plot, a release date or even a name, but Netflix is counting on the close connection between the two masterminds as a selling point. They've worked together on more than a dozen movies, including Man of Steel and Justice League.

Wesley Coller and Zack's wife Deborah will produce the show.

There's certainly reason to be cautious when Snyder has a mixed track record. Oliva is well-known for titles like Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, though, and the subject matter of gods and Vikings could play into their strengths. If nothing else, this reinforces Netflix's commitment to anime -- even if it doesn't please everyone.