LG Pay goes live in the US

It'll work with the G8 ThinQ at first.

More than two years after it arrived in South Korea, LG's long-delayed contactless mobile payment system has finally gone live in the US. LG Pay is available on the G8 ThinQ at launch. In the coming months, it'll be available on V50 5G, V40, G7 and V35 from Google Play, and it'll work on all future flagship devices.

You'll be able to pay by swiping up from the bottom of the screen or via voice. The LG Pay app also includes integration with loyalty cards and Swych, which offers the option to buy and send gift cards for a variety of restaurants and retailers.

Still, LG Pay seems somewhat unnecessary when Google Pay already works on compatible Android devices -- including LG phones. Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are also widely available for people with those companies' handsets.

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