Is Google’s Nest Hub worth your $129?

Would you recommend this often-discounted smart display to your friends or tell them to pass?

Last October's release of the Nest Hub (neé Home Hub) wasn't Google's first foray into smart displays -- the company had already released the Home, Home Max and the Home Mini. They were all solid, if not outstanding, hits with reviewers. The Nest Hub earned praise from Senior Editor Nicole Lee for the premium feel of the fabric finish, the substitution of an ambient EQ light sensor for a camera, and for how it worked (fairly) seamlessly with other Google products, including the Nest Hello doorbell.

While we don't know what readers think about the smart display, as there are no user reviews on our Nest Hub product page (hint hint), we do know there's some concern over having a smart device in the home. If you own a Nest Hub, how worried are you about privacy? How convenient is it to use? Do you think the screen is too small? What's your favorite use for it? Tell us all about it in a user review on our Google Nest Hub product page and give your fellow readers some advice. Your thoughts and opinions could be featured in an upcoming user review roundup!

Note: Comments for this post are off; please contribute your thoughts on our Nest Hub product page! Or, if you own a Home, Home Max or Home Mini, leave a review for them instead!