Samsung teases dates for a new Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Watch

You'll see news as soon as July 31st.

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Samsung isn't waiting until its Galaxy Note 10 event on August 7th to show all the hardware it's releasing later in 2019. The company has teased online reveals for its latest Galaxy Tab (believed to be the Tab S6) and the Galaxy Watch Active 2 on July 31st and August 5th respectively. The accompanying video only offers furtive glances at both, but it's easy to pick up on some features: the Galaxy Tab will include an S-Pen and the option of a keyboard, while the new smartwatch will help "keep you fit and on top of your day."

Of course, that's the official line. Previous leaks and rumors have the Galaxy Tab S6 serving as a true successor to the aging Tab S4 (the S5e was a mid-range slate) with a 10.5-inch '2K' AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 855 chip and dual rear cameras that include a 13MP main camera and a 5MP depth sensor. You'd also get an S10-style under-the-screen fingerprint reader and a minimum 6GB of RAM with 128GB of expandable storage.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2, meanwhile, is even less of a mystery. It's expected to be a slight tweak of the original (released just months ago) with a touch-sensitive bezel saving you from having to poke at the screen for some tasks.

The early unveilings may be welcome news even if you don't care for Samsung's tablets or wristwear. They suggest that the company has a lot on its plate for the Note 10 event, and that it wants to get even significant hardware announcements like these out of the way. This doesn't guarantee any major hardware surprises on the 7th (a Galaxy Home release date would be great, Samsung), but it's hard to completely rule them out after teasers like this.

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Samsung teases dates for a new Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Watch