How would you rate Apple's newest AirPods?

Do a few improvements make these ubiquitous wireless earbuds a great buy?

The original Airpods from 2016 had issues with sound quality and fit, but the second generation packed in a few upgrades, including a H1 chipset that bolstered Bluetooth connection speeds and a wireless charging case. In his review Senior Editor Chris Velazco also approved of the new Airbuds' consistent wireless performance and extended battery life. However, the upgrades were not enough to wow Chris entirely; he still thought the earbuds lacked audio quality and a truly comfortable fit.

While Chris gave the new earbuds an overall score of 84, they have a slightly lower user score of 80 on our 2019 Airpods product page (which is the same score Chris gave the OG Airpods). If you own this year's revision, tell us how you would score the set and why: Do you also feel the audio quality could be improved? How happy are you with the battery life? Did you shell out the extra money for the wireless charging case? Include all the details about what "just works" on the Airpods and what's more of a hassle in a user review, and help out your fellow readers! If you'd rather talk about the first-gen Airpods, we have a product page for them too -- and remember, your review could be included in an upcoming roundup article.

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