Google's next Nest Mini speaker could be wall-mountable

It could also improve sound quality and plug into other speakers.

Google's Home Mini may receive a sizeable upgrade when its Nest-branded sequel arrives. Sources for 9to5Google claim an upcoming Nest Mini will represent a "substantial" improvement. For one, it wouldn't be confined to desks and tables -- it would reportedly included a built-in wall mount. You could place it on a wall in the middle of the hallway if that's the most convenient place. It would also have upgraded sound, including better bass and a louder maximum volume. And yes, there would be a headphone jack to plug in external speakers.

There's also talk of proximity awareness similar to what you find in devices like the Nest Hub Max, although this would unsurprisingly be limited to showing the current volume as you got closer. And yes, there are supposedly new colors in the works.

We've asked Google for comment, although it typically doesn't address rumors. If the rumor is accurate, though, there's a good possibility Google will unveil this Nest Mini alongside the Pixel 4 at its customary fall hardware event. There's certainly pressure to update the entry-level speaker. Amazon's third-generation Echo Dot has been a go-to device in part because included the audio quality and headphone jack the Home Mini has been missing -- this would help Google catch up in a big way.