Microsoft brings Dark Mode to Outlook mobile apps and

Expect less eye strain during those late-night work sessions.

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Microsoft's Dark Mode support in Office was just really just the start of a much larger (and darker) trend. The software giant has started rolling out Dark Mode to its Outlook mobile apps on Android and iOS, not to mention There's not much mystery to how it works -- surprise, it's darker -- but it should go a long way toward reducing eye strain when you're checking email on the bus home or finishing a project late at night. It should extend battery life on devices with OLED displays, too.

There's a lot more coming in the near future. Dark Mode will be available in Excel, PowerPoint, Word and a host of other Microsoft mobile apps when iOS 13 and iPadOS arrive (most likely in September), Plans are also underway to bring it to OneDrive and Planner on the web. All told, you might get to stay shrouded in darkness no matter what you're working on -- at least, so long as you live in Microsoft's ecosystem.

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