Hideo Kojima releases 'Death Stranding' briefing trailer in 4K

He'll also show a 50-minute gameplay footage that may finally shed light on what the 'strand game' is.

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Pablo Uchida/Kojima Productions
Pablo Uchida/Kojima Productions

Kojima Productions has released a 4K version of Death Stranding's briefing trailer, which originally debuted at Gamescom in August. And you may want to watch it if you intend to follow all the Death Stranding news that comes out of Tokyo Game Show. Hideo Kojima will unleash two lengthy Death Stranding gameplay videos at TGS 2019 over the next couple of days, and he recommends seeing the briefing trailer first to help you understand the main character's purpose.

He'll start with a 50-minute gameplay footage showing how Death Stranding's "Strand Game" -- that is, how the main character "Sam" reconnects people and a dying world -- works on September 12th 3:30PM Japan time/2:30AM US Eastern time. On September 14th, he'll present a 30-minute video showing gameplay in a specific location within Death Stranding's universe.

In a tweet, Kojima said he'd rather you go in blind and play without knowing what the game is about, so you can "enjoy the surprise by discovering yourself." However, he decided to introduce its basic gameplay, because vaguely describing it as a "completely new type of action game" understandably wouldn't fly with a lot of potential players.

You can watch the 4K briefing trailer, as well as the Kojima Productions TGS event livestream in a few hours, below:

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